10 Reasons to Use a Copywriter

10 Reasons to Use a Copywriter

Copywriting is one of those skills that we all think we have and can easily do. It can’t be that difficult to write about your own business or service and make it sound enticing – you’re the one closest to it, after all, and therefore the one who knows it best. But have you ever considered working with a copywriter? Someone who can relieve you of the tough task of finding the perfect words to pitch your business. Need convincing? Consider these points:

1. Subjective vs objective

You do know your own business better than anyone else. But that also means you are very close to it and have a wealth of information, from your original scribblings on a piece of paper to the successful brand you have now grown. So how can you pick through all that and come up with the key points that have the most appeal to your target market –and attract those who need to know why they need your product or service? A copywriter can provide that essential objectivity, cutting to the heart of the message and not getting sidetracked by the detail that might seem important to you but in fact will just confuse the ultimate message.

2. Speaking to your end user

A copywriter can stand in as a target consumer of your service. Ultimately we are customers with a different hat on and can be the perfect sounding board for what you’re trying to convey.

3. Focus, focus, focus

What are you aiming to sell? Is it your exemplary customer service? Recyclable packaging? Or your planet-saving unique product? Talking through all the elements with an objective third party, a copywriter, can really help you focus on what you need to be saying. You can certainly nod to the peripheral messages but outlining your points will make you home in on what’s most important.

4. Consistency is key

Business owners always have a lot to say about their product or service and there is an ever-increasing number of avenues on which to do so. From your website to marketing literature to social media (where there seems to be a new must-join social platform launching nearly every week), you need to make your presence felt. Once you have pinpointed what it is you want to sell, adopt a coherent and logical voice. The target market is slightly different for all, but your message needs to be consistent. A copywriter can keep that on track and work with you to tweak and update when required.

5. Fresh eyes to eliminate errors

We tend to see the words we’re expecting to see even if they’re wrong or duplicated. It’s a real discipline to read content and context for sense and errors. Spellcheck has its place but it’s not so hot on spotting a correctly spelled word in the wrong place. I’d always advise getting someone else to read any important copy – a copywriter is a perfect solution!

6. Let someone else worry about grammar

In the same vein as the previous point, let someone else sweat over the pernickety points of grammar if you’re not 100% sure. Some grammar rules can tie you in knots so instead of getting frustrated over split infinitives or possessive nouns, let someone else take the strain.

7. Keep it fresh

If you’re trying to peddle the same product or message week after week, it’s going to start sounding tired even to your converted ears. Imagine what a turn off that is to your potential customers. A copywriter can find a variety of ways and means to convey it, keeping the audience engaged and interested. When they have run out of ideas, it might be time for a change of tack!

8. Time-saving

Trying to run a business is undoubtedly hard work and can be all-consuming. Finding time in the day to cover every aspect is nigh on impossible. If you have an accountant to look after your financials, why not utilise more people to take care of other parts of your business? Let a copywriter worry about the words, plan what and when to post to your social media platforms and free up your time to run and grow your business.

9. Tidy shop front

Your website is your virtual shop window. If it was an actual shop window, you wouldn’t throw together a ‘that’ll do’ display. You’d want to show off your wares in a complimentary, appealing fashion. Make sure you do the same for your website. It is a valuable piece of your business real estate. It needs to be error-free, consistent and current and have fresh, regularly updated content. Don’t neglect it – hand over your virtual store management to a copywriter to keep it all in check.

10. You can’t be good at everything!

It’s a rare soul who can effectively tackle every element of running a business. Yes, I can spell and make words read well, but I’d struggle to take a decent photo of a wedding cake or complete a VAT return. Acknowledge the areas in which you need help and focus on your strengths. Don’t weaken your brand by trying to be a jack of all trades.

Now you have ten good reasons why your business could benefit from using a copywriter and how you could grow your brand. Why not drop me a line at nicola@nweditorialservices.co.uk to discuss how I can help you.