“I have used Nicola’s amazing wordy services for many of our clients. She takes the time to research and understand who she is writing for, gets the tone of voice spot on and delivers a great service on time, every time. She makes us at BakerWilcox look good. Thank you, Nicola and team.”
Kelly Wilcox, Owner, BakerWilcox, Creative Design Agency
“I am grateful to have found Nicola and her services. She provides a flexible approach and takes time to understand my work and aims. Nicola provides a top-notch service, and she is an integral part of my team, of carefully chosen people I work with. Thank you Nicola!”
S.R., Director and Founder Wellbeing & Ease Ltd.
“I emailed Nicola on Monday morning with an urgent request for editing and proofreading a pitch for a TV series that I had to send out the next morning.
For me, she said, she’d do anything.
So I sent it through.
I’d been grappling with the text for days and I thought it’d perfected it. So I was extremely cross to find that Nicola found that I’d made loads of mistakes!
And she had it back to me that afternoon.
She did it amazingly quickly both in time spent and turnaround time and her English is perfect. I was very pleased to finally instruct Nicola personally and I would thoroughly recommend her for any word-related work.”
Toby Fountaine, author, publisher, screenwriter and producer.
“I asked Nicola to take on a presentation that demonstrates the services of Mimi VP Photography in the form of slides. The biggest problem was that I was too close the subject, and couldn’t decide what I wanted to be included.
Nicola helped me to think through what I wanted to say and drill down to the main points. She was then kind enough to write up the copy and format it in a presentation format so I could see how it would look on the page.
This was above and beyond what I expected, and as always with Nicola she went the extra mile. This is why I recommend Nicola to others needing a copywriter who can write in your voice so much so that you yourself doubt who penned it.
I referred Nicola to my husband’s company, and he was so happy with her work that he employed her on a retainer basis immediately.
If you need a copywriter to produce ongoing editorial content in a tone of voice that reaches your prospects, clients and collaborators, then Nicola Withers is the best choice.”
Mimi Van Praagh, Mimi VP Photography
“Nicola is an amazing writer and also a wonderful person. I highly recommend her writing services and look forward to using her more over the next couple of years for my business.”
Alison Abel, Founder FitnAbel Personal Training and Nutrition
“I needed help with compiling an important document recently and Nicola came back with proposed revisions to my document in a very short time. She sent me them by email and met with me to talk them through, explaining her thinking behind all the changes (and there were lots!).
Her recommended revisions were all improvements that helped structure the document better and highlight the key points. I was able to send out that document confident that it read well and would have just the right impact.
Nicola has also recently written me a blog and I was thrilled to find that it read exactly as if I had written it; the tone, voice and content was spot on. I highly recommend Nicola to anyone using the written word for a business purpose. Even if you think you are good at writing, she will add value and save you time by getting those words just right.”
Lucy Ames, Smartist Social Media
“Definition: a way with words – a talent for using language in a charming, eloquent, effective or persuasive manner.
In today’s world it’s not good enough to be great at what you do. A successful business must communicate effectively to ensure its target market understands the benefit of being a customer. This is where the wonderful wordsmith Nicola Withers comes in. I’d love to enjoy producing content but honestly, it’s hard to find the time.
As a mortgage broker with a strict compliance department, it’s even harder to get approved. A quick chat with Nicola to establish the brief and the following day, “ping”: an email arrives with ideas that sounded just like me! Or at least a more eloquent me. Ah, but what about compliance? Sailed through without a single amendment, they thoroughly approved of Nicola’s work too. Why wouldn’t they? It’s what she does. And that’s kind of the point isn’t it?
This wonderful wordsmith waved her wand and freed me up to spend more time doing what I do. So if you’re good at gardening not grammar, proficient at plumbing not punctuation, skilful at surveying not spelling, why not let Nicola pitch your product while you stick to what you do best?”
Louise Sinclair, Florence Mortgages
“I run an ecommerce health and wellness business and needed help with copywriting for a script that was going to passed out to hundreds people in my organisation to use for online events. Therefore I wanted what sounded slightly mad – a personable, fun, interesting and informative script that was loose enough to NOT sound like a script but could also be read by anyone age 18-80 in four different countries and sound natural. It also needed to be legally compliant, full of information and… less than 15 minutes.
Nicola to the rescue! Not only did Nicola attend multiple events to get a feel for my company and products, but she also got the cadence and mood down to a tee! Most importantly she fact checked everything to our company website to ensure I wasn’t passing down any faulty information. And she made me feel and look super smart when passing on the script as it no longer had any typographical or grammatical mistakes – making me look like a clever clogs to my entire team. I cannot recommend Nicola and her red pen enough – she is magical at capturing exactly what you are looking for, gets it done quickly and at an amazing price – I wish I could keep her in my pocket to help me with my words every day. Thank you Nicola!”
Ina Sylvester-Smith, Arbonne Consultant