The Writers’ Studio is a collection of hand-picked freelance copywriters. We are dotted around the UK, from different backgrounds and industries but with a solid common ground. We love to write.

We started out life as a one-woman band, Nicola Withers Editorial Services. For six years, Nicola ran her own business in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. The more involved she became in the writing community, the more talented writers she met. And as Nicola’s business grew, she started asking them to help out with writing projects she couldn’t manage herself.

If you have ever worked by yourself or for yourself, you’ll know it can become a lonely place. But having a supportive community on hand extends your network and gives you access to colleagues and like-minded souls. So as Nicola’s network grew, so her clients grew and the need to expand followed.

And so The Writers’ Studio was born. Nicola heads up the business, still based in Tunbridge Wells, and remains a hands-on writer, as well as matching projects with writers with the perfect level of expertise and knowledge. She is helped day to day by two lively spaniels, Milo and Otis, who reckon they are working cockers, though she’s never seen them do a day’s work in their lives. But they agree with everything Nicola says and provide the perfect excuse to go to the woods for walks.

When she’s not writing, Nicola loves to escape her desk, meeting new people and growing her network. This means that as well as offering copywriting and proofreading, The Writers’ Studio can introduce you to web designers, branding specialists, logo designers, social media moguls, brilliant brand and people photographers, and videographers too. Everything you could need to make your business stand out online.

Whatever your line of business, The Writers’ Studio has a copywriter for you. Give Nicola a call on 07733 322505 to find out more or say hello at hello@writersstudio.co.uk